Will + Three.js

My collection of small 3D projects using Three.js. I made these for practice while going through Bruno's Three.js Journey course. Work in progress.

Projects × 5

  1. [005]

    Marble Color Shadows

    Color spotlights moving around a marble, casting shadows onto a backdrop plane.

  2. [004]

    Color Shifting Donut

    Shiny spinning torus with spot lights and colorful hemisphere lighting.

  3. [003]

    Simple Terrain Lighting

    Rocky terrain texture with displacement and normal maps. Uses ambient lighting with a traveling point light.

  4. [002]

    Icosahedrons Six Ways

    Six Icosahedrons (think 20-sided dice) presented in various styles.

  5. [001]

    Many Cubes

    Flying through a grid of normal mesh material cubes, all facing the center cube.